Andy spent many years of his life working behind a desk and managing plants/people. One day he opened a brochure for custom faux concrete countertop system, and away he went for the next three years. In the process, he got the opportunity to unleash his creative juices in coloring the counters. This was his first experience with this type of process. Next were picture frames and mirrors, then he found the airbrush. For the next year and one half, he painted on that concrete medium and followed that dream.

Steampunk Maniacs was born when Andy discovered metal work in 2012. He would practice with lamps, clocks and various small pieces of art. Andy’s wife Linda also became part of the team handling finances and networking. Linda helps Andy stay focused and she is his biggest inspiration.

The Steampunk Maniacs work is currently displayed at the Portland Saturday Market, local vendors, and shows in the Northwest region. As Andy’s art progresses he is seeking opportunity in galleries and higher end venues.

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